about me

I currently work as a digital marketing manager for a large payments company. I wear many hats in this role, doing everything from front-and-backend Web development to content creation to overseeing best practices for accessibility, SEO, and more. While I am dedicated to doing good work, this job is not my passion; I came about it through a very circuitous route and hope to move on in the near future.

My true passion in life is finding ways to help others – specifically, helping them create better, more fulfilling, and happier lives for themselves. I look at the world and see so much possibility for us all to become more thoughtful, self-aware, compassionate people. I want to do anything I can to contribute to this possibility. I wonder, sometimes, if most people even care about these things, if most people even want to better themselves in this way. Or do we live in a world where most people only care about money, status, and getting what they want at all costs? People who don’t care about hurting others if it means they “win”? There’s a lot of evidence for the latter, but I guess I want to think that people like that are in the minority. Maybe that makes me naive, or maybe I’m an optimist.

After weathering a number of stressful and life-changing challenges personally, I have also become committed to learning as much as I can about PTSD, stress, and resilience. I am especially interested in how to help afflicted individuals resolve past trauma as well as ongoing stress through therapeutic methods and mindfulness techniques.

I am deeply passionate about equality and justice in the world. I am very moved and disturbed by the racial injustice in the U.S. in particular, especially considering current events, and I want to be an agent for change as much as I can be. You can read more about my implicit bias program, my final capstone project for my Master’s degree, here:

Another passion of mine – though it has ebbed and flowed over the years – is creativity. I’ve been a songwriter, a poet, and an essayist; I’ve produced two albums and written thousands of pages of verse and prose. I’m working on a few things now that may or may not see the light of day. For my past work, you can check out my music on my archival website via the link below: